DIY Gel Electrophoresis


Instructions for Making a DIY Gel Electorphoresis can be found here

This includes the materials needed to make and run a DIY agar gel.

An good video overview of gel electrophoresis can be found here.


A Lesson Plan associated with the DIY Gel Electrophoresis is here.


Background on gel electrophoresis and dyes here.


How to order a Gel Electrophoresis kit and additional critical components (coming soon)

Kit includes:

1 gel comb

1 Tray

​1 12 well cell culture dish

25 grams agar-agar

2 electrodes

2 stainless steel wires

10 small loading pipettes

2 large sample prep pipettes


User needs to supply:

9 V batteries

baking soda

McCormick Food coloring



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