Gel Electrophoresis

Videos of gel electrophoresis are available!

click on link to view

Long version (8 min)

Short version (3 min)


Instructions for Making a DIY Gel Electorphoresis can be found here

This includes the materials needed to make and run a DIY agar gel.

A video of the building of a Gel Electrophoresis apparatus done at the 2019 STaRS (Science Teacher at Research Summer) event at NIEHS is coming soon.

A good video overview of gel electrophoresis can be found here.


A Lesson Plan associated with the DIY Gel Electrophoresis is here.


Background on gel electrophoresis and dyes here.


How to order a Gel Electrophoresis kit and additional critical components (coming soon)

Kit includes:

1 gel comb

1 Tray

​1 12 well cell culture dish

25 grams agar-agar

2 electrodes

2 stainless steel wires

10 small loading pipettes

2 large sample prep pipettes


User needs to supply:

9 V batteries

baking soda

McCormick Food coloring



Magnetic Stir Plate

Building a Stir Plate out of commonly found items; based on an exercise done at the 2019 STaRS event on July 12 at NIEHS.


Assembly instructions

Video of an assembly of the Stir Plate (coming soon)

DIY Equipment

Triangle DIY Biology: Community Citizen Science and DIYBio Group of the NC Triangle​