• We are open and inclusive
  • We think that tinkering is important and it should be fun!
  • We are doing real, important, and interesting science projects
  • We are promoting citizen science and scientific outreach to people in all walks of life
  • We are interested in learning from or collaborating with other like-minded groups
  • We are creating a non-profit, financially-sustainable, or self-sustaining lab space--with the broadest scientific capabilities that funding allows.

Guiding Principles/Norms:


We are TriDIYBio

The Triangle DIYbio group’s mission is to further the idea that anyone can participate in the exciting scientific fields of biology, genetic engineering, and biotechnology. We strive to provide the tools, knowledge, and support to the local area in order to build a vibrant community of enabled citizen scientists and empowered Do-It-Yourself biologists! We are building a lab and are currently part of SplatSpace.

What are we trying to do?

We want to provide the Research Triangle area of North Carolina with access to a community-based wet lab. In this lab our members will be able to host workshops on current cutting-edge biology techniques, meet and discuss the latest in open-source research, and explore interesting questions by doing hands-on group research projects.

What can you do with DIYbio?

Do-It-Yourself biology has come to mean a lot of different things. Some great examples of projects created by community bio labs include:

  • Innovative group research projects such as The Vegan Cheese project and Open Source Insulin
  • Designing, building, and repairing your own tailor-made scientific equipment for ultra-low cost (e.g. OpenPCR project)
  • The DIY CRISPR project, making tools and reagants available to a wider audience of scientists
  • Exploring the mysteries of your genome by doing your own personal genetic testing
  • Learning about the microbiological world around you by surveying your own backyard, local park, or public restroom for species of bacteria and microbes
  • Building a home based DIYBio lab, locally Ronin Genetics is such a space.

Triangle DIY Biology: Community Citizen Science and DIYBio Group of the NC Triangle​