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Workshops @ Splatspace

Session I  Using pipetteman and agarose gels

Jan 15 @ SplatSpace: An introduction to using pipettemen and pouring agarose gels. Handout attached here

Session II Using pipettemen and agarose gels, pt II

Feb 19 @ SplatSpace: A continuation of  hands-on Introductory training in two basic molecular biology techniques, using pipettemen and running an agarose gel.

Our first agarose gel

Lane 1 1 kb DNA ladder
Lane 2 N. crassa genomic DNA
Lane 3 pUC19
Lane 4 pBSSK+

Session III   Introduction to Microbiological Techniques

Mar 19 @ Splatspace

The culturing and manipulation of bacteria and other microorganisms is a fundamentally important technique underlying all the developments of modern biotechnology. Today we will cover the basics of sterile technique. This will include transferring and streaking of bacterial cultures as well as the preparation and pouring of selective media in petri dishes. Hands-on participation will be encouraged. Slides for this talk can be found here.

Results of the platings can be found here. In the pictures with two plates shown, the LB plate is on the left and the LB + ampicillin plate is on the right. Clearly the DH5alpha plates did not grow well, but did not grow at all on the LB+amp plates as expected. The pGREEN streaks look a little washed out under UV light, but this is likely due to them being incubated at room temperature (~25 C, instead of 37 C as usual) and has been seen before.