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​​​​​​​​Upcoming E​vents: 


  • Saturday, Feb 16 from 1 PM-4 PM Saturday Science at the RAD Lab at #24 Shoppers St in the Lakewood Re-Use District.

          Directions to the RAD Lab here.​​​​ 

  • ​Sunday, Feb 17 at 6:30 PM, TriDIYBio Third Sunday meeting at Splat Space.


  • Thursday, Feb 21  from 6-8 PM Brassfield Elementary Math and Science Extravaganza, Raleigh

  • ​Mar 6, Students at Work Program at NIEHS

  • ​Triangle SciTech Expo at NC Museum of Natural Science, Raleigh, Apr 13 2019

  • ​Lakewood Elementary School Science Night, Apr 25 2019


​​Recent News and E​vents:


  •  Thursday, Feb 7 from 4-7 PM, TriDIYBio will exhibit along with SplatSpace in LaunchBio's Larger Than Life Science event "Brilliant Minds"

  • Friday, Dec 21, 6:30-8:30 PM. Solstice celebration at the RAD Lab at #24. All are invited. LED throwies, home-brew beer tasting, who knows what else.

  • ​Sunday, Dec 16, 6:30 TriDIYBio 3rd Sunday at SplatSpace: An introduction to Illumina next generation sequence analysis. 

  • Tuesday, Nov 6 1-2 PM TriDIYBio demonstration for 2018 SummerSTEM Day @ NIEHS

  • Monday, Nov 5 1-2 PM TriDIYBio demonstration for 2018 SummerSTEM Day @ NIEHS

  • Saturday, Oct 20, 2 PM-4 PM TriDIYBio 3rd Sunday: This will be concurrent with Saturday Science at #24 Shopper St. The topic will be a hands-on opportunity to do a plasmid DNA preparation and an agarose gel of the results.

  • Tuesday, Oct 16, 8:30 AM - 11 AM Wake Ed LINK Strategic Business-School Engagement with Lynn Rd Elementary

  • Saturday, Sept 29, 10 AM - 6 PM TriDIYBio participated in the Orange County LocalFest in Hillsborough. Pictures, including the GFP painting, can be found at this link.

  • Thursday, Sept 20, 6:30-8:30 TriDIYBio exhibited at 2018 SciREN Triangle Networking Event at the NC Museum of Natural Science.​​

  • Sunday, Sept 16, 6:30 PM Third Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace. Topic: "Visualization of CRISPR Arrays in E. coli" Demo of software to visualize CRISPR arrays in bacterial genomes.

  • Wednesday, Aug 22: TriDIYBio participated in the Durham Public Schools 2018-2019 Academic Kick Off event at the Southern School of Energy & Sustainability from 12 PM to 4 PM

  • Saturday, Aug 18, 1 - 4 PM Saturday Science and TriDIYBio 3rd Sunday event concurrently. We will be doing DNA preps from mud and/or soil. Everyone will have the opportunity to do a hands-on DNA prep.

    ​Friday, July 13, at STaRS (Science Teachers at Research Summer) at NIEHS, TriDIYBio will present "DIY Biology in the Triangle". Pictures from the GFP painting are here.

  • Sunday, June 17, 6:30 PM 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace. Mudwatts and Microbiomes. Discussion about doing 16S sequencing to the Mudwatt anaerobic microbiome.


  • Sunday, May 20, 6:30 PM 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace. Discussion of proposed floor plan for #24 and the layout for the TriDIYBio space within.


  • Saturday, Apr 28 Triangle SciTech Expo at the Raleigh Museum of Natural Science. TriDIYBio had activities including smartphones, microbiome sampling and painting with GFP and other chromophores. Pictures are posted here


  • Wednesday, Apr 25, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM. Lakewood's Science Night at Lakewood Elementary in Durham. Triangle DIY Biology and Anthony Abbate (aka the Science Wizard) will have hands-on exercises for all who come. Pictures of the GFP painting are posted at the link here.


  • Saturday Apr 21 DIY Fest at Scrap Exchange. TriDIYBio participated along with other organizations in The RAD (Re-Use Arts District). Pictures are posted at the link here.​
  • Saturday, Mar 31, Apr 7 & 14, 1 PM-4 PM RAD Lab hosted workshops for the upcoming Hebocon competition (Crappy Robot Sumo Wresting) that will be held during the DIY Fest, Apr 21 at the Scrap Exchange. This will be to help competition hopefuls with robot construction. Pictures of the event are here. See this Youtube video to get a flavor of this event. More information about Hebocon can be found at their official website.
  • Saturday, Apr 14, 9 AM - 1 PM, Raleigh March for Science 2018. TriDIYBio participated with exhibits. At the Halifax Mall in downtown Raleigh. More details here. Picture of the Microbiome and GFP painting results are here.
  • Wednesday, Mar 21. Members of Triangle DIY Biology did some hands-on activities at an NIEHS event titled "Students@Work Program" Agenda here. Pictures from the students' GFP painting here
  • Wednesday, Feb 28  "Out of the Box" Professional Development Workshop" with DPS Teachers: "What is in the Food Colors? - DIY Gel Electrophoresis" at Hillside HS, Durham
  • Tuesday, Feb 27  from 6-8 PM Brassfield Elementary Math and Science Extravaganza, Raleigh: Color separation by gel electrophoresis and lung capacity measurement.
  • Sunday Feb 25 from 12-2 PM, an Open House hosted by our neighbor Pitbull Martial Arts at SplatSpace. They plan to have a food truck and activities. This will substitute for our monthly 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio event at SplatSpace. Photo Album here
  • Sunday, Jan 21, 1 PM-4 PM 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace.
  • Sunday, Dec 17, 6:30 PM   3rd Sunday meeting at SplatSpace. General discussion with members.​​
  • Wednesday, Nov 29 ,8:30 AM - 4 PM. Wor​kshop for Athens Drive High School Teachers by NIEHS @ NIEHS​​​. Agenda here.
  • Saturday, Nov 25, 1 PM-4 PM Saturday Science at the RAD Lab at #24 Shoppers St in the Lakewood Re-Use District. Projects featured this week include ultra-low power measurements (applicable to microbial fuel cell), diy bio-sensors (including fermentophone applications), autumn leaves gel plates, Science Wizardry for young and old alike.
  • Sunday, Nov 19, 6:30 PM at SplatSpace, 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio event: General Discussion.
  • Saturday, Nov 11, 11 AM-2 PM Saturday Science Open House at the RAD Lab at #24 Shoppers St in the Lakewood Re-Use District.

​​          Photo Gallery here

          Colors? - DIY Gel Electrophoresis" Agenda here.​

  • Sunday, Oct 15, Sunday, 6:30 PM at SplatSpace, 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio event: CRISPR, Gene Drives and Mosquitos. Related papers can be found here.
  • Saturday, Oct 14, 11 AM-2 PM Open House and Saturday Science at the RAD Lab at #24 Shoppers St in the Lakewood Re-Use District. Directions here. Flyer with a full description for the event here.​​
  • Thursday Sept 21 5:30-8:30 PM TriDIYBio will be exhibiting at 2017 SciREN Triangle Networking Event at the NC Museum of Natural Science. Agar gel instructions and graphics are linked.

                                                        Archives of past events can be found under the Archives page.


We are TriDIYBio, a local community group focused on bringing together anyone interested in DIY biology, biotechnology,  and

citizen science.

We're starting both a community and a laboratory space for learning about and practicing cutting-edge science and biotechnology in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. As of July 2017 we have space at #24 Shoppers St in the Re-Use Arts District near Scrap Exchange.

If you would like to join us or learn more click on Contact Us to join our mailing list. We'll be sure to reach out to you with more information! 

Welcome to our Labspace!

Triangle DIY Biology: Community Citizen Science and DIYBio Group of the NC Triangle​ 

Contact us at info@​tridiybio.org

Pictures from the TriDIYBio lab (RAD Lab)

Drone overview of the RAD Lab site


Interesting Science News:

  • Radio In Vivo Local Science News; new interviews every month or so. Past guests include Dr. Rodolphe Barrangou, NCSU CRISPR expert and us at TriDIYBio
  • Youtube discussion between Joshua Zayner of ODIN and Sebastian Cocioba of New York Botanics, LLC Link here
  • The Glowing Plant Project fiasco and their last post
  • The Moral Complexity of Genetics with Siddhartha Mukherjee (scientist, author of Emperor of All Maladies, The Gene), podcast here (might want to skip the first 30 mins which is decidedly off-topic)