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Triangle DIY Biology is for anyone interested in Do It Your-self Biology. We're currently working on developing STEM programs in the local area

DIY Labwork

  • DIY equipment
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • You dream it. We do it!

   Upcoming E​vents:

Recent News and Events:

  • April 22, 2017 TriDIYBio exhibited at the Community Science Fair during the Raleigh March for Science.
  • April 8, 2017 SciTechExpo TriDIYBio and NIEHS exhibit. See the pictures on the Events/Outreach page.
  • Mar 19, 2017 6: 30 PM 3rd Sunday TriDIYbio meeting at SplatSpace: Introduction to Microbiological Techniques​.
  • Feb 19, 2017  6:30 PM 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace: A continuation of  hands-on Introductory training in two basic molecular biology techniques, using pipettemen and running an agarose gel.
  • Jan 15, 2017  6:30 PM 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace: Tom Randall of TriDIYBio will lead a  hands-on Introductory training in two basic molecular biology techniques, using pipette men and running an agarose gel.
  • Jan 6, 2017   Dr. Gavin Williams, Assoc. Prof. at NC State and Synthetic Biologist, will be giving a Teen Science Cafe talk at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences titled "Making Medicine from Microbes" from 6-7 PM. Flyer attached here.
  • 12/18/16, 6:30 PM  3rd Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace:   Geobiologist Elizabeth Trembath-Reichert will present on how microbiologists access and study microbes that live in the deep biosphere, including results from a cruise to collect rocks buried 2.5 km underground for 25 million years. See cruise website:
  • 10/16/16: 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace:  "Current Issues In Agricultural Biotechnology" by Edward Richards,  founder of High Quality Entomological Services in Research Triangle Park.
  • 9/21/16 Stanford Prof gets MacArthur Award for Foldscope, a DIY microscope.
  • 9/18/16: 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace:  "Research Projects In a Home-Based DIYbio Lab" presented by Tom Randall.
  • 8/21/16:   3rd Sunday TriDIYBio meeting at SplatSpace:  Patent attorney and biochemist Daniel Cole from Bold IP used the recent CRISPR patent dispute to illustrate the basics of patent law in a talk entitled “When To Stop What You're Doing and Talk To a Patent Lawyer”.
  • 8/20/16:   We spent the day at the Building with Biology event at the Durham Museum of Life and Science. Click here to see the gallery of Microbiome and GFP Painting results.
  • 7/19/16 :  TriDIYBio gave a presentation on "DIY Biology in the Triangle" to STaRS  (Sceince Teachers at Research Summer) at NIEHS.
  • June 2016:   We have a physical space at SplatSpace and we are acquiring equipment. SplatSpace has a Tuesday meeting beginning at 7 PM open to the public, come visit. Every 3rd Sunday TriDIYBio has a meetup at SplatSpace that is open to all. To join our meetup, click here.
  • 4/27/16:   TriDIYBio (Jim, Mike, Tom) did a radio interview with Ernie Hood of Radio In Vivo, click here to listen.
  • 4/23/16:   We had a great time at the 2016 Triangle SciTech ExpoClick here to see the gallery of Microbiome and GFP Painting activity results!
  • Mar 2016 :  Jim Rose discusses his experience with iGEM.
  • Nov 2015:   Tom Randall discusses his experience building a home based DIYBio lab "Building a DIY lab".

We are TriDIYBio, a local community group focused on bringing together anyone interested in DIY biology, biotechnology,  and

citizen science.

We're starting both a community and a laboratory space for learning about and practicing cutting-edge science and biotechnology in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. As of June we have physical space within SplatSpace. See the progress of our space to the right.

If you would like to join us or learn more click on Contact Us to join our mailing list. We'll be sure to reach out to you with more information! 

Welcome to our Labspace!

Triangle DIY Biology: Community Citizen Science and DIYBio Group of the NC Triangle​